The MUNCH Project

Posted on 31st October 2018

31/10/18The MUNCH Project

Seaward Properties has been proud to support the MUNCH project at the Park School in Havant for the last two years.

The aim of MUNCH is to ensure that no child, no matter which school they attend or how old they are, need go hungry during the holidays by providing lunches to local children when they are not at school.  The scheme goes much further than this offering meals to parents, a Christmas lunch for the local community and a fridge stocked with food which is available to those in need. See this previous post and their own website for more details of this inspirational scheme.

We were delighted to see the project featured this week on the BBC programme Inside Out and the clip from the show is available below.

The school has a number of other food-related strings to its bow including Park Porkies, a range of pork based products including sausages which are made in-house and sold to external customers, Park Bakery offering freshly baked bread to students and staff, and Park Eggs which sells eggs to staff, students and the public from the variety of birds kept on the school site!  A truly entrepreneurial establishment!



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